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We are now back in operation! We now offer all services (both indoor and outdoor). Rest assured that we have put in place adequate sanitary measures to provide a great service in a safe and healthy manner.

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Pressure Washing

Cleaning the outside of your property is an important task. Whether it's the outside brick or vinyl walls, your patio, your awnings, your fence, your pavement or other surfaces, pressure washing is an important task although neglected and underestimated by the majority of owners.

Here is a description of the procedure to be followed:

The key to offer an impeccable result relies on a pressure washer with the adequate pressure combined with the right cleaning solutions. This varies on for each specific surface. The washing consists in coating the surface with the appropriate soap or product. Every type of materials requires a precise product or saop. This product will maximise the result and brightness of the cleaning. Once applied, the product must be rinsed off with a precise water pressure. The pressure of water must be applied uniformly on the entire surface to be cleaned. If product and pressure are well managed, you will have a great result!

Risks of damaging the material to be cleaned are very high. We highly suggest you call a professional for this service.

Why to pressure wash:

  1. Remove the dirt/stain which is accumulated for several years
  2. Remove graffiti
  3. Remove foam and mold spots
  4. Remove spots of rusts or any other task of in the ageing of your good
  5. Remove marks of oil or paint
  6. Avoid the proliferation of germs and bacteria
  7. Remove pollution stains

Products and Techniques

Depending on the surface to clean, here is some information on our products and our working techniques:

Exterior Walls

The cleaning of exterior walls turns out to be a difficult task because it is essential to reach every inch of material even those hard to reach areas. This is achieved using a telescopic pole with a soft-haired brush to spread the soap. Afterwards, the pressure washer washes the heavy stains and rinses off the product. It is essential to use the pressure washer with the right techniques or else the structure can be damaged. It is recommended to clean your outside cover at least once in every 2 years.

Patio or vinyl fences

Contrary to a wooden patio, it is suggested to wash with more pressure in order to eliminate all the dust and stains. This should be done once or twice a year to prevent the dirt from being embedded into the material. If you have firm spots, a chlorinating or a heavy degreaser will produce excellent results.

Metal Surfaces

Concerning metal surfaces it is essential to apply a chlorinating product and apply it precisely to make sure not to affect your, lawn or any species. Then to clean in depth, the product must take several minutes to act. Once applied, the product must be rinsed out with high water pressure. During the pressure washing it is very important to keep a safe distance and to rinse every square inch evenly or else clean stains will appear, thus the importance to trust a professional to do this service

Patio of composite or wooden fence

We can restore the original aspect of wood!

It's not necessary to clean this type of patio with strong chemicals products. A simple stain remover will do a great job with. However, using the right pressure and the products is the most important part of the jobs. In certain cases, it is necessary to brush the patio and to let act the stain remover a few minutes to then rinse with a pressure washer.

In some cases, mold and mildew will appear on exterior wood structures. The process will be the same as wood cleaning but the used product will change. We have several products to remove and prevent the formation of mold. It is recommended to clean that type of outside surfaces at least once a year.

When wood paint and protective coats are deteriorating, our pressure washing service can restore the original aspect of the wood. Wood restoration consists of stripping all the old paint and coating layers off. The result is a fresh new the wood layer. We also offer to apply a new coating to protect the wood once it is uncoated.

Do not hesitate, contact us, we are pressure washing professionals.