Make Your Property
Shine Again

Pressure Washing

Cleaning the outside of your property is an important task. Whether it's the outside brick or vinyl walls, your patio, your awnings, your fence, your pavement or other surfaces, pressure washing is an important task although neglected and underestimated by the majority of owners.

Here is a description of the procedure to be followed:

The key to offer an impeccable result relies on a pressure washer with the adequate pressure combined with the right cleaning solutions. This varies on for each specific surface. The washing consists in coating the surface with the appropriate soap or product. Every type of materials requires a precise product or saop. This product will maximise the result and brightness of the cleaning. Once applied, the product must be rinsed off with a precise water pressure. The pressure of water must be applied uniformly on the entire surface to be cleaned. If product and pressure are well managed, you will have a great result!

Risks of damaging the material to be cleaned are very high. We highly suggest you call a professional for this service.


Call a professional

The risks of damaging the surfaces are high when the work is done by an amateur. Our employees are trained in pressure washing and they make sure to choose the appropriate cleaning products for each type of surface. They use high-pressure machines optimally calibrated to restore your property to its clean and original appearance.

Why to pressure wash:

  1. Remove the dirt/stain which is accumulated for several years
  2. Remove graffiti
  3. Remove foam and mold spots
  4. Remove spots of rusts or any other task of in the ageing of your good
  5. Remove marks of oil or paint
  6. Avoid the proliferation of germs and bacteria
  7. Remove pollution stains