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Are your rain gutters
constantly blocked?
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Are your rain gutters constantly blocked?

Cleaning them is a recurrent job?

Services MRO offers the gutter protector installation which will resolve all problems of a dirty gutter.

What is a gutter protector?

Why not end these problems?

The purpose of a gutter protector is to prevent the accumulation of leaves and debris into the gutters. Not having a protection system in place may result in clogging of gutters which can lead to further problems. A clogged gutter causes overflow of water due to build up of leaves and residue within the drains. If a gutter remains full of debris and leaves for an extended period of time, the moist mixture will rot and your gutter will depreciate within a short period of time. With gutter protectors you won’t need to go thru hassle of cleaning periodically the gutter and eavestroughs.

Gutter protectors from Alurex do a superior job of keeping leafs and any debris out of your gutter, we guarantee it for 36 months !

We guarantee that the gutter protector that we install will maintain your gutters clean and free of any accumulation and clogging. It is also non visible from the ground and thus preserves the integrity of your house.

Services MRO identified the best product to protect your gutters. The "gutter clean" system from Alurex is the most effective. Made from rigid aluminum, this gutter protector will solidify your gutter as well as protect from all outside accumulations. Services MRO garantees its efficiency for 36 months!

Installation Procedure