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Message about COVID-19

We are now back in operation! We now offer all services (both indoor and outdoor). Rest assured that we have put in place adequate sanitary measures to provide a great service in a safe and healthy manner.

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Carpet Cleaning

Our mission is to offer incomparable service at competitive prices both in terms of quality of service and quality of work in itself. This site allows you to know the benefits related to carpet cleaning. This task is often neglected and may be essential to your quality of life.

We offer a personalized service, with over 20 products removers depending on the stain and the material of your carpet.

Whether it's for your house, your business or institution it is important to perform regular maintenance of your carpet.

Residential carpet cleaning and upholstery

Carpet cleaning is an essential task in maintain good air quality. It is ideal to perform this task twice a year. Once in the spring to remove any residual salt, calcium, dry and wet dirt caused by winter and once in the fall to be sure to keep excellent air quality during the winter.

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Carpet cleaning service for commercial property and condominiums

Whether it's for your office or a hallway, carpet cleaning proves to be a very important maintenance to prevent the depreciation of the carpet. It is ideal to perform this task twice a year. To obtain optimal results and a fast drying time we recommend a cleaning by encapsulation.

The cost of cleaning is minimal compared to the cost of changing a carpet that is too dirty or damaged. This is why it is important to have them cleaned periodically. Take advantage of our prices and our incomparable service by contacting us now. You will not be disappointed.

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